The Power of a Name

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What’s in a name?

The answer is a lot—especially when you’re developing a business. A name needs to resonate with your target audience and help you connect with customers. And your company name plays a critical role in the growth, identity and recognition of your brand.

But what’s the best way to choose a business name? Read on…

Make it clear, simple and catchy: Find a name that is not only easy to remember but easy to spell. Always keep it simple. Try not to pick a name with more than two syllables or any hyphens. In addition, keep in mind that catchy names are memorable for customers. So make sure your name is not boring or difficult to remember. Sticky names are not easily forgotten.

Always match your business: Names that connect with your business consistently remind customers what you do and what you offer. For example, a carpet cleaning company named, “SpotOn,” is a lot more memorable than “J & J Partners.”

Choose a meaningful name: Names that convey meaning and significance are helpful for SEO purposes and translate into less money spent on branding. For example, the toiletry brand, Dove, produces hair and skincare products that focus on making people look and feel beautiful. And because the word, dove, evokes images of purity and softness, the name is meaningful and effective.

Keep it general: Don’t pick a name that will limit your business growth down the road. Because you may end up expanding your product offerings or adding locations later, it is important to allow for this. For example, avoid naming your bakery business, “Red Velvet Cupcakes of Denver,” in case you decide to expand to other cities or sell products other than red velvet cupcakes in the future.

Consider other languages: When choosing a name, check the implications of the name in other languages. You never want a name that has negative connotations in another language.

Check for availability: Confirm that another company is not using your name by conducting a thorough web search.

Claim the domain name: Because most customers associate .com names with an established business, it is important to quickly claim the domain name. Alternatives, such as .net or .biz, are not considered as favorable. Remember that if your domain name is already taken, some owners are open to selling the name. At the same time, it is a good idea to secure the business name on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The bottom line is that a name introduces your company to the world. Because it is a customer’s first impression, your name should always set a positive tone, identify your brand and be unforgettable.

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