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6 Tips on Choosing A Great Business Name

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Naming your business is as exciting as it is daunting. In one word or a few words, your business name has to convey who you and what you do…instantly. Piece of cake, right?

Despite the weightiness of this task, there are tips and tricks to make it easier. In this post we’ll look at six of them, to help you craft an excellent business name!

1. Make it Original

While there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by other company names, make it your own. You don’t want customers to be confused and you don’t want to be accused of copying another brand. So, use other business names as a launching off point but don’t land there.

Begin by making a list words that represent the qualities you want to market. In one column, list the qualities you want to convey to your customers. What are you “about”? In another column, list things you think your customers are looking for. Use a mix of nouns, adjectives and verbs as options.

If you get stuck, try using a business name generator like Squadhelp. You simply select your industry and SquadHelp’s complex algorithm generates hundreds of unique names.

Be sure to run your chosen name through a business name search to make sure no one else is using it. Inc Authority offers this service for free when you incorporate your business.

2. Make it Relevant

Like we mentioned earlier, your business name has to represent who you are and what you do. So, while you have free creative reign, be sure that your name is relevant to what you’re selling. When customer see your business name, they shouldn’t have to dig to figure out what you do.

At the same time, while relevancy is important you don’t want to be too literal. Have fun! Find unique ways to get across what your business does without confusing your audience.

3. Make it Positive

Unless your goal is to cause a stir with your business name, shoot for names that inspire, embolden, and uplift. You don’t want a name that leaves people with a bad taste in their mouth. In this same vein, avoid names that are too niche or too cutesy.

This includes names that have political or religious affiliations, unless of course you’re business is in one of those niches. If that’s not your intent, you could drive people away from your business without them even looking into what you’re selling.

4. Make it Short

The best business names are short and sweet. That’s because short names are not only easier to remember, it’s easier for people to Google your business. If you just have to have a longer name, make it an acronym.

You could even try a simple one-word name that emphasizes your brand.  For example, a short, punchy name like “Fig” or “Feast” for a restaurant evokes the feeling of simplicity and class. Creating a one-word name is more difficult than crafting a multi-word business name, but it can be very powerful.

5. Make it Easy to Spell

As companies like Tumblr, Fiverr and even Chick Fil-A prove, your business name doesn’t have to be spelled properly as long as it’s easy to read and say. Matter of fact, misspelling your business name may actually make it easier to pronounce.

6. Make it a proper noun

Why not name your business after yourself or maybe a beloved family member? Papa John’s, Tom’s, Wendy’s and other well-known companies use proper names as their business names. It adds a personal touch and comes across as family-friendly (not too mention it takes a lot of legwork out of trying to come up with a business name). And remember, the name doesn’t have to be the name of a real name person.

That’s It

Don’t get too hung up on picking the perfect name in the beginning. The name you choose now may not be the name you end up with at the end of your business launch.

And remember also that while the tips mentioned in this post are tried-and true methods of crating a business name, they’re not set in stone. Many well-known, well-loved company names don’t meet the criteria above but it’s become a part of their brand and their charm.

Think of the name Google, for instance. It’s hard not to associate Google with the search engine but when it first came out, that name had to be explained. But it worked!

So, grab a pen and paper and start brainstorming. Even if the names sound silly, write them down. You’re bound to strike gold doing it this way than waiting for the perfect name to fall from the sky.

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