5 Ways to Get Noticed at Work and Promoted
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5 Ways to Get Noticed at Work and Promoted

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Most people think that the key to getting noticed at work and eventually get a promotion is to consistently do their job well. While this is CRUCIAL, it’s not enough.

If you work at super small company with colleagues who don’t take their job seriously, yes…upper management will probably take notice. But the chances of being discovered for simply doing your job well in a company of 100+ employees (many of whom are also doing their job well), is unlikely.

What it comes down to is simple: to get noticed you must stand out. There are numerous ways to achieve this but in today’s post, we’ll be looking at the top 5. Enjoy!

#1 Speak up

This doesn’t come easy for everyone but speaking up is the most powerful way to get noticed by upper management. What does this look like? It looks giving your opinions and ideas during a meeting. Keep them short, concise, on topic, and interesting. If you’re a little shy, prepare what you want to say before the meeting and wait for an opening.

It can be nerve wracking, but remember…if you’ve been invited to a meeting, that means they want you involved and are interested in your opinion. So, be bold and share your ideas.

#2 Make friends

Being the lone ranger is cool if you’re John Wick, but seeing as he isn’t real, you shouldn’t try to be the lone ranger. Step outside your comfort zone and engage people in small talk. Treat everyone with the same warmth and respect regardless of their title. This expands your network and makes you memorable.

If you’re a little shy, this might take some practice, but like most skills, small talk can be mastered. So, instead of eating in your cubicle or taking the stairs to avoid awkward elevator chatter, eat in the break room and master the art of elevator-talk. Put yourself in positions where you’re forced to engage.

#3 Volunteer for projects

Even if the task is menial, volunteer to do it, take ownership of it, and then wow them! This can be as simple as covering the front desk while the receptionist is out sick to taking on a mind-numbing task no one else wants to touch. People will be eternally grateful to you for stepping up to the task, and you’ll be able to meet people outside your department, further expanding your network.

#4 Fix what’s broken

There’s one in every office, the confusing filing system or technical glitch that everyone hates but has gotten used to. Instead of “getting used to it”, fix it! Even if your suggestion doesn’t work, management will appreciate the initiative. And if it works, well, they just might give you the keys to the city.

#5 Become a subject matter expert

Another great way to standout is to become an expert at something. Did your department recently switch over to a new software? Master it! Do you have a special set of skills that can help people around the office? Offer it freely and generously. Be the person people come to for advice.

That’s all

The reality is, you won’t get a promotion for “doing your job.” It’s expected. What you need is to be seen doing your best and going above and beyond what’s expected. So, want that promotion? Don’t work in the shadows. Dance in the sunlight. 

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