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Best State to Form LLC

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Map of the United States made of State and City Names.

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Knowing the best state to create an LLC is important because each state comes with its own laws that can positively or negatively impact your business.

Take states like California and New York. The high costs of living and taxes alone make it difficult for businesses to operate. That’s why it’s wise to determine early the best place to set up an LLC.

So, where is the best state to form an LLC? Well, it depends on your unique business needs. That’s why in this blog post, we’ll explore the top four, listing the LLC advantages by state. Who knows, maybe the state where you live is the best state to start an LLC!

Why You Need an LLC

Before you read about the best state to open an LLC, let’s quickly recap why you need to form an LLC in the first place.


In our litigious society, incorporating to protect yourself just makes sense. No other structure will provide you and your business the liability protection offered by an LLC. When you form an LLC, your personal assets and articles are not at risk for the debts and liability of your business.


It doesn’t take a catastrophic lawsuit to wipe out everything you own. Could you satisfy all your business obligations without tapping into personal reserves or losing personal assets? Probably not. Incorporating takes this burden off your shoulders, knowing that your personal assets cannot be targeted in the event of a business lawsuit.


There are a ton of tax benefits that come with incorporation. LLCs and corporations are entitled by law to many tax deductions not afforded to individuals. Additionally, the self-employment tax savings alone can amount to thousands of dollars saved every year.

We here at Inc Authority specialize in forming LLCs and can get you started in a few simple steps. And our LLC setup service is 100% free!

Now, let’s jump into the best states to consider for your LLC.

#1 Wyoming – Best State to form LLC for Operational Perks

With its harsh winters and miles and miles of open prairie, Wyoming is not exactly a tourist hotspot. But when it comes to doing business, you’ll find that there’s no better place for entrepreneurs. This is due to a number of reasons.

For starters, reporting obligations for a Wyoming LLC are low, meaning simple management and low regulation. This is important because, as a business owner, you want privacy and the freedom to operate your business as you see fit.

Another key reason Wyoming is the best state for LLC formation is that there’s no annual corporate income, personal income, or franchise taxes. That’s more money in your pocket!

Learn how to form an LLC in Wyoming with our step-by-step guide!

#2 Alaska – Best State to form LLC for Tax-free Income

People travel from all over the world to see Alaska for its natural beauty, unique culture, and outdoor adventures. Maybe you’ve sailed around its glaciers on a cruise or witnessed the world-famous Northern Lights. But what you may not know is that Alaska is also good for business, drawing entrepreneurs from around the globe.

This is due to it having the lowest tax burden in the nation (there’s no state tax or sales tax) and the 4th fastest rate of startup growth.

It’s easy to see why getting an Alaska LLC is such a great idea.

Learn how to form an LLC in Alaska with our step-by-step guide!

#3 Nevada – Best State to form LLC for Privacy

Nevada needs no introduction, thanks to its notorious metropolis, Las Vegas. But there’s more to Nevada than casinos and wild parties. It’s a fantastic place for startups as well. Elon Musk proved that when he opened a Tesla plant in Reno, Nevada touting its tax breaks as one of the main reasons for operating his business there(there’s no state tax, no corporate income tax, and no personal income tax).

If privacy is your top concern when forming an LLC, your search is over. Nevada has one of the best privacy advantages compared to other sates on this list. Nevada LLCs aren’t required to disclose the names of their owners. So, you get total anonymity, which will help protect you from lawsuits. And you don’t even have to move to Sin City to enjoy that.

This makes Nevada the best place to register LLC if privacy matters to you.

Learn how to form an LLC in Nevada with our step-by-step guide!

Known for being the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution, Delaware has a rich history. But being one of the smallest and least populous states in the U.S., it might surprise you to know that roughly 63% of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware.

It becomes less surprising, though, when you realize that not only is their filing process simple, the filing fee for Delaware LLCs and franchise taxes are extremely low.

As an added bonus, Delaware does not tax out-of-state income for foreign filed LLCs (LLCs filed outside your state of operation).

Learn how to form an LLC in Delaware with our step-by-step guide!

In Conclusion

So, out of every state on this list, what is the best state to file an LLC? The answer to that question depends on what you’re looking for in an LLC.

Lucky for you, the business experts here at Inc Authority are here to help! We’ll help you decide the best place for your startup and get your LLC setup in minutes. And did we mention that our LLC setup service is 100% free and comes with 9 FREE business management tools?

Incorporating is the most powerful thing you can do to legitimize your startup. And at, our setup LLC services are 100% free. Always. So, don’t wait. Form your new LLC today and enjoy the protection due to you and your business under the law.

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