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Top 5 Productivity-Boosting Apps & Gadgets for Freelancers

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Social media, emails, pop-up ads, phone calls…we’re more distracted now than ever before. This can wreak havoc on your bottom line as a freelancer because if you don’t get work done, you don’t get paid.

Luckily, we’re living in the golden age of technology and have an abundance of apps and gadgets at our disposal to boost productivity.

The five apps and gadgets highlighted in this post have been proven to increase workflow by reducing stress, keeping you focused, and improving your overall health. Enjoy!

#1: Saent

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Saent (pronounced Saint) is a godsend for people who struggle with focus. Working in conjunction with a desktop app of the same name, when pressed, Saent launches a preset, timed work session. During these work sessions, websites and apps that you’ve deemed as “distracting” are blocked. When the session is complete, you’ll regain access to those sites. Saent will even suggest healthy ways to spend your break (go for a walk, stretch, drink water, etc.).

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The science behind the positive side-effects of certain types of music on the brain is endless. Well, has taken all that science and combined it with their patented algorithmic system to create a music streaming service specifically designed to reduce distractions, help you feel more relaxed, and even sleep better. Their music is so effective, they guarantee you’ll be in a focused state of mind within 15 minutes.

#3: Foobot

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Pollution is not just bad for the environment, it’s bad for business. According to reports, poor indoor air quality can affect a companies’ bottom line by as much as 11%! That’s where Foobot comes. Using state of the art sensors, Foobot measures the pollution levels in your workspace and adjusts those levels to create an environment conducive to productivity and comfort.

#4: SugarSync


There are few things more time consuming and frustrating than file synching. But there are few things more important for a business to get right. That’s why you need a file synching service that’s both powerful and simple. SugarSynch is that service. Praised by Bloomberg,, and the Washington Post as one of the best file synching services available, SugarSync allows you to quickly share, manage, save, and edit your files across multiple devices no matter where you are.

#5: Pip

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Stress is the biggest killer of productivity. Sadly, it’s unavoidable. Especially when you run a business. So, if you can’t avoid stress, learn how to manage it. Pip is a doctor-approved, handheld stress monitor that does just that. Using the skin pores on your finger, Pip captures and tracks your stress levels over time via biofeedback. It then uses audio, visuals, and in-app exercises to teach you how to manage that stress.

As a freelancer, you wear all the hats. It’s easy to get distracted or sidetracked trying to juggle all your responsibilities. So, take advantage of the latest technology to boost your productivity and increase your bottom line.

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