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The Secret to Growing Strong, Successful Teams

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“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

Phil Jackson

Just like players are critical in the game of basketball, employees are also the key to your business growth. Without solid talent, collaboration and teamwork, you won’t achieve success.

But building a strong, successful team won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen without guidance. It takes effort, it takes patience, and it takes dedication.

In short, building a strong team, takes strong leadership and a clear plan of action. So, to help cultivate talent and build a successful team, you should consider the following…

Keep employees happy and engaged

Employees must be happy and engaged in order to perform well. This comes from a strong company culture. To cultivate this sort of environment, treat your employees are adults and not a children who need supervision. This looks like not making employees feel guilty about taking time off or speaking down to them when they make a mistake or don’t perform at the level you’d like for them to perform.

Cultivating an environment where employees are happy and engaged also involves encouragement, rewards, and constructive criticism. Employees who know that their hard work is appreciated and will continue to perform at a high level.

Lastly, cultivating an environment where employees thrive involves taking a break from the serious and just having fun. Plan a company-wide potluck, come up with fun, monthly team building exercises, celebrate the holidays with costume contests or bake offs.

It’s your job should create a positive culture and set an example for the rest of the organization. 

Help employees grow

Because employees need to continually develop and grow, you should offer many different kinds of experiences. This will help employees become experts at problem-solving and thinking outside the box.

What does this look like? It looks like offering training sessions, contributing to an employee’s college education, investing in the latest software to keep their skills sharp and current.

You can also help your employees grow buy instituting a mentorship program where upper-management takes an entry level employee under their wings and gives them advice.

Employees thrive in environments where their growth is uncapped, creating as as result a strong team with limitless potential.

Foster consistent training & coaching

Improve employee performance via consistent training and coaching. Be sure to include role-playing, exercises, and feedback. Effective training can be a positive experience when training is challenging, applies specifically to daily tasks and offered as a regular activity. Additionally, management must be invested in all training outcomes.

Even your best employee has areas where he or she can grow. Instead of hoping they’ll improve on their own, or worse, criticizing them without showing them how to improve, take the time to help them improve in areas where they fall short.

Being a good coach takes patience, understanding and humility. You didn’t get to your position without some form of training or coaching and neither will your employees.

Build trust

Business leaders should be invested in their employees and focused on building trust, collaboration, and teamwork. Always encourage a culture of “we.”

Take charge and lead by example. Inspire employees to do the right thing. Consider how best to keep employees engaged and challenged.

Another part of building trust is letting your employees know that they can come to you and not be made to feel like a nuisance or unworthy of your time. Have an open door policy and literally keep your door open.

If you’re employees are afraid to come to you with questions or concerns, they don’t trust you, which means you’re doing something wrong.

Promote from within

Employees who begin inside an organization and move up are more likely to be committed and motivated than those who are hired from the outside.

So, instead of posting a job description on Indeed, groom your employees for promotion. If a certain license is needed for employee A or B to advance, make sure they get that license. If they need to hit a certain sales goal help them meet that goal.

Set goals for employees, a checklist of things you’d like for them to accomplish by the end of the year. Having a goal in mind for your employees is the best way to create the team you want.

Encourage listening and brainstorming

Build an environment that welcomes communication, creativity and healthy debate. Help your team understand the need for open communication with managers, as well as with colleagues.

Employees like knowing that their opinions and ideas are heard and valuable. And since they’re the ones of the ground doing a lot of the legwork, they can give you a unique perspective or solution to a problem.

That’s all!

A strong team equates to business success. By investing time and energy into creating a community, you can build a successful business.

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