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Here’s Why You should Publish an E-book

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It seems like everywhere you turn somebody’s asking you to buy their e-book. But don’t dismiss it as gimmicky or “not for your business”. There’s a reason why businesses are pushing out eBooks left and right. Matter of fact, 51% of today’s B2B businesses are incorporating eBooks into their content marketing campaigns.

Why? Because eBooks enable businesses to connect with a target audience based on their specific stage in the buying journey.

So, whether your eBook is offering valuable industry tips, product details, case studies, or comprehensive service overviews, creating an eBook is one of the best ways to convert leads and increase brand awareness among potential buyers.

Let’s look a how eBooks achieve this.

eBooks increase your exposure

As a business owner, you face tough competition no matter what industry you’re in. That makes getting your name out there difficult (if not impossible) without the right marketing tools. eBooks are one such marketing tool. Because they’re delivered as electronic PDFs, buyers gain instant access and can quickly and easily share your content with friends.

You can also embed links in your eBooks that will take readers to your website, blog, social media account and more, all of which work together to increase your exposure.

eBooks show your brand’s personality

From the images used, to the colors and style of writing, eBooks are a great tool to use to establish brand identity. So, while the content is important, make sure it’s offset by a visually stunning layout. This plays off the user’s eye and is a highly effective way to enhance your content and pinpoint the key elements of your message.

But don’t go overboard with design. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Your eBook’s design should enhance, not distract, so keep your look consistent and clean. There are a number of free marketing apps to not only help make your marketing more effective, they’ll help make your marketing more visually appealing as well.

eBooks establish your business as an authority       

Piggybacking off what was said above, there are a lot of voices fighting to be heard in your industry. Publishing an eBook helps you break through the noise and establish yourself as an authority. This builds trust among your target audience, so they feel confident and safe purchasing your product or service.

eBook add a new revenue stream

Even though eBooks are sold cheap (typically no more than $10), because they’re so cheap, more people are willing to buy them. This could mean more money for your business in long run adding yet another revenue stream. And as mentioned above, you can embed links to anything you want (a promotional, a sale, some limited time offer). This increases the value of e-books especially when you consider how inexpensive they are to create and publish.

eBooks generate leads

Lastly, eBooks help generate leads. How? Because you need a person’s email address to deliver the eBook. This email can then be used for email campaigns or other marketing initiatives.

eBooks build credibility and establish trust

Establishing your business as an authority on a given subject or industry builds credibility and establishes trust. Both of these things are important to developing and marketing your brand.

To achieve this outcome with your eBook, make sure it adds value–that it doesn’t just rehash what a million other people in your industry have said. Be informative and educational, cite sources and case studies to show precedent for your advice.

Remember, if people are going to give you their dollars to buy your product or service, they have to trust that you’re going to deliver. Besides, there are hundreds of other eBooks they could have chosen–use your eBook as an opportunity to tell them why your business is the best. Don’t waste their time and their money by filling your eBook with lazy research and cliches.

When they finish reading your eBook, they should feel like they got the deal of the century because of the information they learned.

That’s all

Whether your business is brand new or has been around the block a few times, eBooks are a great tool to have in your marketing arsenal. It could even be argued that they are an essential marketing tool.

Luckily, there’s a ton of software and publishing tools available online to help make creating, publishing and disseminating your eBook super simple. So, take time to put together a world-class eBook and see the results for yourself.

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