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Why a Free LLC?

Free LLC & Online Incorporation Filing

Will You Really Incorporate My Business for Free?

Yes! We here at Inc Authority understand the power and perks of incorporation—how it makes running a business easier and safer for entrepreneurs. But we also understand that forming an LLC or corporation can be expensive and we want incorporation to be an achievable goal for all. One way we do that is by offering free LLC registration.

You get a free LLC because we waive our service charges, labor costs, and overhead which keeps more money in your pocket. You only pay the mandatory Secretary of State Fees, which you'll need to pay regardless of who forms your LLC for you.

Another reason why we offer free incorporation is because we want to earn your trust first and then your business…for life. We believe that when you see how fast, efficient and helpful our business experts are at forming your free LLC, you’ll trust us to help you manage other important business details like building business credit, getting business funding, creating a professional website and more.

How Do I Get a Free LLC?

To incorporate your business for free, there’s no need for you to call and spend hours on the phone answering questions. Simply click the START NOW FOR FREE button to the right and form an LLC online, free in just three easy steps.

You’ll also have the option to choose our recommended upgrades during checkout! So, what are you waiting for? Incorporate online for free, today!

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What Does It Mean to Incorporate?

By incorporating, you are separating your business assets from your personal assets to prevent your savings, home, retirement and other personal assets from being targeted by a lawsuit against your business.

Incorporating builds tax flexibility, credibility and name protection as well as opening the door to tremendous advantages.

Get free LLC filing today and discover these advantages for yourself!

What Kind of Business Is It Right For?

LLCs are great for any type of business! This is because LLCs are easy to run and manage with no limitations as to how many members can be involved or where they’re located.

Formed on the principle of the Freedom to Contract, owners need only agree among themselves on how to run the company, and courts will uphold that agreement.

Even better, with an LLC, there’s no law requiring resolutions, amendments, meeting minutes or annual board meetings.


  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Advantages
  • Ability to Raise Capital
  • Easy to Run


  • Only Available to Privately Owned Companies
  • Can Lose Pass-Through Tax Treatment
  • Possible State Imposed Income Tax

Why Create an LLC?

If you need more reasons to go ahead and file an LLC for free today, here are some ore advantages of this powerful business structure:

  • LIABILITY PROTECTION - In our litigious society, incorporating to protect yourself just makes sense. No other structure gives you and your business the liability protection offered by incorporation. When you incorporate, your personal assets are not at risk for the debts and liability of your business.
  • ASSET PROTECTION - It doesn't take a catastrophic lawsuit to wipe out everything you own. Could you satisfy all your business obligations without tapping into personal reserves or losing personal assets? Incorporating takes this burden off your shoulders knowing that your personal assets cannot be targeted in the event of a business lawsuit.
  • TAX SAVINGS - There are a ton of tax benefits that come with incorporation. LLCs and corporations are entitled by law to many tax deductions not afforded to individuals. Additionally, the self-employment tax savings alone can amount to thousands of dollars saved every year
  • EASE OF MAINTENANCE - Another benefit of the LLC structure is that once you have set it up, there's not a need for a lot of continual maintenance. And, perhaps more importantly, it's easy to add new partners or sell interest in the entity to someone else.

This is way more relaxed than the C-Corp business structure, in which a lot of boxes must be checked regularly to make sure your business remains in good standing. Generally, LLCs have fewer restrictions on many administrative items compared to other business structures.

Why Inc Authority?

Now that you understand the power of having an LLC, why trust Inc Authority? What sets us apart from our competition? Simple…it’s our commitment to providing unparalleled customer service. Of course, every company says it, but few have the 5-star reviews and A+ Trustpilot rating to back it up.

The secret to our success and why you can trust us with your startup, is that we genuinely care about our clients. Every day we focus on promoting entrepreneurship and helping our clients reach their goals.

What we do is not work, it’s inspiration and motivation for our clients to do more than dream—to actively change their futures.

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