Federal Trademark

Federal Trademark

Federal Trademark

Having a trademark is a valuable marketing tool that helps consumers quickly identify your brand.

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Why use a trademark?

Having a trademark is a valuable marketing tool that helps consumers quickly identify your brand. Think about how many brands you can recognize because of their trademark name or symbol. Trademarks make it easy for customers to find you, providing an asset for effective communication with your audience. Whether it’s social media, website, email, print or storefront signage, trademarks offer instant recognition in a sea of competitors.

Why use us to register your Federal Trademark?

Our Trademark Registration program is designed to easily register your trademark so that you have the exclusive right to use it in the United States. It also secures ownership of your trademark, deters infringement, and increases the value of your company. We will complete the application on your behalf, give you status reports and guidance through every step of the process, and provide lifetime Client Success Team access.

Federal Trademark Includes

  • Comprehensive U.S. Search: An expanded search of the USPTO’s records as well as a search of all 50 state trademark databases, corporate names, and domain names for the ultimate in assurance.
  • 24 Hour Expedited E-Filing: Electronic filing of your application with the USPTO within 1 Business Day after receiving your completed application.
  • Trademark Specialist: Trademark assembled and filed by a trademark specialist.
  • Government Filing Fee: Includes government filing fee for one class of goods or services. Trademark Monitoring: 3 Years of direct-hit monitoring of your trademark to notify you of possible infringers.
  • Lifetime Client Success Team Access: Status reports and guidance through every step of the registration process. Notice of all renewal dates for your trademark registration. Easy access to trademark specialists to answer all your questions.

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