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As an entrepreneur, you know every minute counts. You can avoid the risk of losing your valuable time with Inc Authority.

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While there can be many unknowns when starting a business, you deserve peace of mind that your business is being filed accurately.

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Business Name Check

Inc Authority will check your business name within your state.

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Ensure you never miss a legal notice. Inc Authority will be your registered agent for 1yr.

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A digital copy of your start-up documents delivered and stored for easy online access.

Tax Planning Consultation

Receive a Tax Planning Consultation to help you save more of your business income.
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Preparation & Filing

Inc Authority will prepare your entity formation documents and submit them to the state.

S-Election Form

Inc Authority prepares and files S-Election document Form 2553 with the IRS (optional).

INC CARE Support

Our expert support staff will help answer any questions you have, via email or phone.

Business Credit & Funding Analysis

A Business Credit and Funding Expert will review your business credit and financing needs and share solutions with you.
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Business Checking Account

Inc Authority will provide access to a business checking account with exclusive incentives.

Earn a bonus* from $100 to $500 with qualifying activities.

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Inc Authority is passionate about making business formation a reality for everyone. That’s why our business formation service is one hundred percent free! You just pay your state fees. Inc Authority does the rest. What makes Inc Authority unique, is its dedicated team of startup experts who are here to assist you every step of the way. Our process is simple and provides the guidance you need to confidently start your business.

Inc Authority also offers a variety of other services to help you launch your business mainstream, protect your brand, and build for the future. This includes services like custom websites and logos, business plans, trademarks, building business credit, and much more. Now let’s get started. Today is the day!

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Our LLC service is 100% free.

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What is an LLC and Why Should You Form One?

Business formation services such as an LLC (limited liability company) is a structure providing personal liability protection while at the same time allowing pass-through taxation for its owners. This is important as pass-through taxation is a process by which LLC profits are distributed to owners, then reported on individual tax returns. By following this process, profits are only taxed once. Alternatively, in a C corporation, profits can be double taxed, both when allotted to owners, and when those profits are reported on tax returns.

As you can see, LLC formation services can be a vital tool for your business, especially when it comes to mitigating taxes. That's why we at Inc Authority provide the ability to form an LLC online. By utilizing our LLC services, which offer some of the best online LLC filing options as well as free LLC registration, you can easily create your LLC while also gaining full access to our business formation experts. As a result, you can feel confident your dream of business ownership is in good hands.

Why Work with Inc Authority?

When reviewing online LLC services, it’s easy to get confused as there are a lot of options available. However, Inc Authority offers the best online formation service for entrepreneurs. We guarantee our 30+ years of experience will provide you with the resources you need to successfully form an LLC. In addition, as the best company formation website, we have a robust array of other services to help your business thrive including assistance with business plans, funding and credit, legal services, and marketing packages. Our full-service portfolio means we are your one-stop resource for business formation.

Benefits of LLC Services

As previously stated, one of the primary benefits of creating an LLC are the tax advantages. However, there are other advantages you should consider as well. These include:

Limited Liability Protection

By having limited liability protection, business owners cannot be held responsible for the debts of the company nor lawsuits brought against the company.

Simplistic Operations

There are very few restrictions placed on the operations of an LLC. As a result, business owners have sole discretion regarding the assignment of formal officer roles and cadence of annual meetings. Moreover, one of the benefits of an online LLC formation is that they require much less paperwork when compared to C Corporations.

Ownership and Management Flexibility

When you buy an LLC online, you’re creating a business formation that provides a wide range of flexibility for its owners. As such, owners can choose to have a multi-member or single-member LLC. In addition, an LLC can be managed in a variety of ways including member-managed and manager-managed.

Reputation & Credibility

Of course, the best LLC service will also provide enhanced credibility to business owners and increase their overall reputation. This is due to the fact that LLCs are viewed as more formal business operations compared to sole proprietorships.

Funding Options

Once you form an LLC, you’ll start building a credit history. As a result, you’ll gain access to funding options from financial institutions like banks.

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