6 Tips on Choosing A Great Business Name

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. Naming your business is as exciting as it is daunting. In one word or a few words, your business name has to convey who you and what you do…instantly. Piece of cake, right? . Despite the weightiness of this task, there are tips and tricks to make it easier. In this post we’ll look … Continue reading →

5 Ways to Get Noticed at Work and Promoted

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. Most people think that the key to getting noticed at work and eventually promoted is to consistently do their job well. While this is CRUCIAL, it’s not enough. If you work at super small company with colleagues who don’t take their job seriously, yes…upper management will probably take notice. But the chances of being … Continue reading →

The 5 Best Cities for Entrepreneurs

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. So often, entrepreneurs limit their business potential by not considering where they’ll do business. And by this I don’t mean which side of town is best for your startup …I’m talking about which state is best. There are 50 glorious states in the U.S. each with their own culture, perks and advantages that could … Continue reading →