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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Incorporating can offer your business many advantages. A corporation is a legal entity created separately from those who own and operate it. As a separate entity, the corporation's debts and taxes are separate from its owners, thereby offering the greatest personal liability protection of all business structures.

Every business owner needs to protect their personal and business assets from litigation. Billions of dollars are awarded every year in business related lawsuits. In addition to liability protection, incorporating offers tremendous estate planning advantages because it continues to exist even after the death of a shareholder.
A corporation is a legal entity created separately from those who own and operate it. As a separate entity, the corporation's debts and taxes are separate from its owners, thereby offering the greatest personal liability protection of all business structure. Corporations also offer tax savings and the ability to raise capital under your business name. Corporations can vary in formation and organization. The two most common types of corporations are S and C corporations. We will assist you in choosing which type of corporation is right for you and helping to complete the appropriate paperwork for your filing.
A Limited Liability Company or LLC, blends the aspects of corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships into a simple and flexible business entity. LLCs can be used to hold property and transact any type of business. They protect the owners and operators from personal liability similar to a corporation, and they possess the "pass-through" tax benefits of a partnership. Additionally, LLCs offer the same personal liability protection as corporations, but do not require the typical formalities that are required when managing a corporation.
IncAuthority.com is a one-stop, full service corporate formation specialist. IncAuthority.com, and its associated companies, have formed more than 130,000 corporations and LLCs in the U.S. and have been helping entrepreneurs around the country since 1989. We want to help you take advantage of lawsuit protection, tax savings, credibility and access to business funding. As a business owner you understand the big picture and what you need to do to drive your business, but you also have many reasons to pay attention to the details.

But sometimes you can't do all the work yourself. At IncAuthority.com, our team of business startup specialists are here to keep you updated on the latest incorporation, tax and financial strategies and to help you manage important business details. After all, you have a business to run. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your business has been properly established by the experts at IncAuthority.com.
At IncAuthority.com, we want to earn your trust, and then your business for life. Our goal is to be the one-stop shop for your business startup needs. We provide you with one location where you have access to a comprehensive menu of business startup services that can help you quickly and affordably pave the path to your business success.
A Registered Agent is a person or entity authorized to receive legal documents and other official county, state, and government mail, including the IRS for your business. Many things are required of a Registered Agent, such as: They must be open for regular business hours; Must be available to accept legal documents from a process server at that address; In addition, it is a location where interested parties may come to visit or inspect your business. To eliminate this burden, allow IncAuthority.com to act as your Registered Agent.
All corporations and LLCs are required by law to have an address where they can accept service of legal documents and notifications from the state or other governmental agencies. By having a Registered Agent, you don't have to worry about having regular business hours or a set business address. Even if you do have a working office that is available to accept service of process during business hours, do you really want to be served a lawsuit or have a visit from the IRS in front of your employees and customers? Not to mention that having a legitimate registered agent can help maintain the privacy of your personal address. Your registered agent is a buffer between your business and your personal life. Anyone trying to locate you or your business must first start with your registered agent.
A business record book is a place to store your vital company records. It allows you to easily and efficiently organize and quickly locate key business documents. In addition, the business record book includes many legal documents required to open a bank account and conduct business, most importantly it holds your stock certificates and ledger to certify the ownership of your company.
Your business record book includes: A Deluxe binder and slip case, Custom embossing seal, Corporate bylaws or operating agreement, Stock certificates, Stock ledger, Initial meeting minutes & Sample corporate resolutions.
An IRS Tax Identification Number, also known as an EIN or IRS employer identification number, is a unique number, issued by the IRS, to each business entity which acts like your business's Social Security Number. A tax id number is required to open a bank account, report taxes to federal and state governments, hire employees and conduct business. If you have a corporation or limited liability company, you need an EIN number.
To obtain an EIN number, you must contact the Internal Revenue Service and complete form SS4 . IncAuthority.com can assist you in obtaining your company's EIN number by contacting the IRS on your behalf. Remember, an EIN is your company's unique tax payer identifier. Your personal social security number should never be used in relation to your businesses affairs.
For a faster business formation, IncAuthority.com offers a Premium Rush Service where your order is marked for priority handling. Each state has a different turn around time for registering new corporations and LLCs that can range from one week to 6 months. Many states offer an expedited registration service to assist entrepreneurs who quickly need file their corporation or LLC. Even if your state does not offer an expedited registration service, IncAuthority.com will prioritize your new business ahead of our non-rush customers. We guarantee to submit your business filing within 24 hours of receipt of your order during our normal business hours.

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