Virtual Offices: A Cost-Effective Solution for Your Startup

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Virtual Offices: A Cost-Effective Solution for Your Startup

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Most growing businesses operate perfectly without a full-time office or the associated overhead costs. 2020 has been testament to that with many companies forced to go virtual due to COVID-19.  But here’s the thing, for many businesses, especially start-ups, a business address may only be needed for receiving mail, receptionist services, and access to meeting rooms.  

And that’s exactly what a Virtual Office provides.

It’s a fast, flexible office solution for modern businesses. And since you’re not tied down to long-term real estate commitments, it’s incredibly cost-effective too.

Establish Your Business for Future Growth

The core part of a Virtual Office is the commercial address. It’s not just a place to receive mail, it’s your fast-track route to establishing trust with clients. It’s also a way to establish trust with investors, building credibility with key stakeholders, and boosting local marketing strategies.

So, how do you set up a virtual office? Thankfully, there are companies like Alliance Virtual Offices (AVO) that provide a complete service to setup your business for future growth. AVO provides:

  • A commercially recognized address in your target market for marketing, onsite meetings, and mail processing.
  • Business phone plans to streamline calls and increase professionalism with a dedicated business number.
  • A friendly, professional Live Receptionist service for personalized call answering up to six days per week and real-time calendar management.
  • Ability to rent meeting rooms or flexible workspace by the hour, day or month. Additionally, co-working and private offices are available in some locations.

4 Key Ways AVO Can Help Your New Business Succeed

Here’s a closer look at each of those services and how they add value to your newly established entity.

1. Commercially recognized address

AVO’s Virtual Offices are available in hundreds of locations across the US and include a business address and mail forwarding as standard.

  • Add your business address to your website, email footer and letterhead to protect your home address and maximize local marketing opportunities.
  • Use your address for essential requirements such as opening a bank account and applying for financial credit.
  • This also allows you to create the right impression by using a commercially recognized address that resonates with larger companies and corporate clients.

2. Business phone plans

Never miss a call! Get a dedicated business number with a local or toll-free code, and a market-leading VoIP phone system.

  • Streamline calls and direct clients to the right person quickly and easily with the help of a market-leading cloud phone system.
  • Use your business number for official documentation such as credit applications. Then add it to the 411 directory for enhanced advertising opportunities.
  • A business phone plan will also increase professionalism with a dedicated business number, which shows clients and investors you’re serious about your brand and your company’s future.

3. Live Receptionist service

Personalized call answering, calendar management and appointment scheduling from professional receptionists, up to six days per week.

  • Save time and reduce distractions by diverting calls to our team of friendly, professional receptionists.
  • This will also enhance your brand’s customer service. That’s because every call is answered in your company name and expertly handled by experienced professionals.
  • Additionally, appointments, meetings and call-backs are scheduled real-time on your behalf using market-leading calendar software.

4. Professional meeting venues

With a AVO you can rent meeting rooms or flexible workspace by the hour, day or month. Co-working and private offices are also available in some locations.

  • Trade noisy coffee shops for a private, professional meeting venue with everything you need for a productive business meeting.
  • Also, get the option of choosing from thousands of meeting rooms and day offices. Book online from as little as $10 per hour.
  • Another perk is that with a co-working subscription, you get to escape the isolation of your home office and work in a safe, professional environment.

In conclusion

At Inc Authority, we believe in making incorporation an achievable goal for all. That’s why our LLC setup service is 100% FREE and comes complete with 9 complimentary business management solutions. These complimentary services include a free business name check, free tax panning consultation, free business funding analysis, and more!

And because we’ve partnered with AVO, you can get all the perks of having an office but at a fraction of the cost. With this Virtual Office package, you’ll get a professional onsite staff, high-speed internet connectivity and high-quality amenities. In short, you’ll get everything a growing business needs to thrive.

So, when you’re ready to launch your dream, contact the experts at Inc Authority. We’ll get your LLC set up and no time and answer all your questions about getting started with a Virtual Office.

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